Product Spotlight … Heirloom Album

This 10 x 10 heirloom press-printed album is made with true photographic printing on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival paper. The pages lay beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the image in an unsightly fold. Each spread can be presented in all of its glory due to the modern binding and block-building processes. A beautiful layout shouldn’t be cut down the middle; even the smallest cut is distracting. These albums are designed with a micro-fold, preserving the full impact of your design. Bending a photograph usually results in damaging the print. That’s why this unique micro-fold was developed - to prevents the prints from discoloring in the crease. These albums have textured, linen covers and pages that are glued back-to-back (without any material between them). The linen cover provides you with a light aesthetic texture and is animal-friendly. The cover highlights the true hand-made nature of your Heirloom Album.